10 Reasons Why Having Videos Autoplay on your website is not a good idea

To use or not to use autoplay for video content on my site?

That’s the question bouncing around most website owners’ minds. Just like music, photos and maps, videos can enhance your visitors’ experience and lead to more conversions.

Organic Bounce Rates and Blog Posts

Bounce rate is counted when a visitor leaves from the same page that they arrived from, without taking further action.  “Further action” can be defined as moving to another page in the website or taking some action on the page such as downloading a file or submitting a form.  Time spent on the page is not the key parameter for “bounce rate”. So, you can have a bounce recorded if someone reads a page for 5 minutes but then leaves without taking further action.  The organic bounce rate metric shows the number of visitors who return to search results from your website.  Google can of course measure this, and uses it as a ranking factor.

Best onsite SEO Practices For New Websites

seo-for-new-websitesBelow I list the major SEO factors that I recommend should be considered when rebuilding a website
or when developing a new website.

General Onsite Factors

Page load speed

Importance: ESSENTIAL

Officially identified as ranking signal by Google it is essential to minimise page load speeds. Google
itself provides page speed insights in Google Analytics and there are more tips here:

Google expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal

mobile friendly websiteGoogle has formally announced that they are significantly expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal and this will roll out on April 21.  What this means is that the search results for people using a mobile device to search for your products and services will be impacted, and non-mobile friendly websites won’t rank as well.  So, the levels of mobile visitors to your website will be affected.

15 SEO Best Practices for Structuring URLs


Great article on Moz last week: http://moz.com/blog/15-seo-best-practices-for-structuring-urls



3 SEO Tips For March

If you own or run a website, then search engine optimization is one of your primary concerns.

The more optimised your site is to the search engine, the better your sites ranking will be. But as we aim to achieve optimisation, a few important questions arise:

How to Prepare an Effective Press Release

Components of a press release copyA press release is not a condensed infomercial or an opportunity to advertise.  It is an announcement about something that you want to let the world know about.  It should be something that is important pertaining to your business and it needs to be written in a particular format. This format is what sets a press release apart from a regular article.  With that in mind, you must draft your press release very carefully and follow certain guidelines.

How Can You Optimize a Blog Article for SEO?

blogging-tipsOne very important subject when it comes to B2B business is search engine optimisation.  Buyers now spend a great deal of time researching products before they make a purchase so it is very important to ensure that your product ranks on page one in those search engine results.  People that are doing this kind of research are already ready to buy, and are potentially the best prospects you will ever come across.

You Need To Be Looking At These SEO Factors In 2015

2014 has once again seen many changes from Google, including:

  • New rollouts of the Google Panda algorithm which look at the quality of website content and lowers rankings for websites with ”thin” or inadequate content.

5 Years of SEO Changes and Better Goal-Setting – Videos from MozTalk 2

These videos are from the second in our series of free presentations at the Mozplex called MozTalks. For those who couldn’t attend the last one with Rand and Dr. Pete (or those who’d like to see them again!), we’ve got you covered. Enjoy, and we hope that you’re able to make the next MozTalk!