SEO Consultancy Packages

I understand that different businesses require differing levels of assistance with their SEO strategies, depending on their budget and requirements.  I will customise a programme of monthly activities designed to increase the authority of your website, which is now the key determinant of success on Google.

My core activities include:

Phase 1: setup (month 1)

  • Full technical optimisation of your website, with action/recommendations for improvement
  • Full analysis of factors that influence success on Google, with action/recommendations for improvement
  • On-site optimisation of target search terms which are supported
  • Review of your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest) – what is working and what is not in terms of sharing of your content and likes and mentions. If you do not have these channels, we’ll set them up.
  • Google authorship review
  • Google analytics and webmaster tools configured for tracking and analysis
  • Review your Google Local pages and local optimisation
  • Review of local citations (business directory listings)
  • Full Competitor Analysis (3 top ranking competitors) and replication of links (monthly work)
  • Development of blogging/content marketing plan going forward (you will need a blog installed on your website)

Phase 2 (ongoing monthly work): ongoing authority building and website performance optimisation

Core service: Ongoing analysis and strategies

  • Ongoing communication with you regarding your business activities, planned promotions and marketing activities, so that these can be factored into optimisation efforts each month
  • Ongoing analysis of all technical and onsite factors which may affect your website’s performance on Google with actions or recommendations to improve
  • Ongoing analysis of your website’s performance with monthly reporting of:
    • Google rankings for target keywords
    • Organic traffic levels and activity on website
    • Organic traffic conversion rates
    • Overall website performance measures
  • Ongoing monitoring of your competitor’s activity regards Google
  • Ongoing identification of opportunities for the improvement of your online presence and business generation.
  • Ongoing content curation: identification of relevant information on the Web, which you can repost to your blog/social media channels with your own insights added.
  • Ongoing identification of link building opportunities (may require your contribution of content)
  • Ongoing brand monitoring on Google to identify any positive or negative mentions (reputation tracking) and also analysis of the search results environment for our search terms: who else is there, what are we up against?
  • Ongoing communication with you regarding any aspect of your website’s performance that I feel may be of benefit.
  • Full review of previous month’s efforts and preparation of strategy for following month

**Each 3 months we will conduct a full review and reset the monthly budget, dependent upon your requirements.

Recommended monthly activities

BLOGGING – Regular addition of content to your blog targeting your search terms. You will need to write the posts with my guidance. I am able to provide articles for an additional fee, or help you find a copywriter.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Ongoing posting to your social media channels.

I will provide advice around these areas and can assist you with effective article/blog post writing, or refer you to a good local copywriter.

About your investment

  • The work will be invoiced monthly with full reporting/phone or Skype conference.
  • The agreement may be cancelled at any time by either party.

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Google Rankings Guarantees

I cannot provide guarantees about Google rankings and no one can. Google themselves state this. Your and my own expectations are that your Google rankings will increase over time but many factors affect this now, a number of which I have little or no direct control over, including:

  • The efforts of your competitors in this area and the authority value of their websites
  • A number of technical aspects of your website including importantly:
  • Your website down time – Google measures this, if it is offline too much your website will be lower in the rankings
  • Your page load speed – if too long the page will be lowered in the rankings
  • Links into your website – a poor link profile will hold back your rankings. This includes the links to your links as well.
  • The fundamental relationship between the offer on your website and your target market leading to poor visitor retention on your website. Google measures this and if your visitors bounce back from your website to the Google search results this will lead to a lowering of your rankings. In other words, no SEO effort will help a poorly written website.

These factors are more important now than they were, and my services above are designed to measure them and then we can work towards minimizing them.

Google rankings improvement takes time and a consistent effort/long term approach is required.

Additionally, as well as Google rankings my work is also valued on the generation of quality visitors and the generation of meaningful valuable business from the organic search results. All of this is measured and reported monthly so that you can make informed decisions on an ongoing basis.

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