Glossary of Google Analytics Terms

Google Analytics  is a system that allows webmasters to take an in-depth look at the performance of a web page. This is something that you can sign up for free of charge and all you need to do is add some simple code to your web page. Once you have the tracking code in place and confirm that it has been properly installed, Google will start to track data for you relating to the performance of your site. It can be difficult to sort through the myriad of terms that are used so we have created a basic glossary of some of the most common Google Analytics terms for your reference which we hope is useful to you.

Setting Up As A Google Publisher

Being a Google verified publisher confers additional authority on your website and also presents your information as a feature to the right hand side of a Google search for your brand eg:


Setting up your Google Plus business page

Here’s how you do it.

1.    The first thing you will do is navigate to

2.    Next, select a category from the multiple categories that are offered.


Choose the one that suits your business the best and then provide the information requested which is different for every category.

Setting Up Google Authorship

These days when a search is conducted some of the results that are shown will display the face of the author of that content. Authorship increases the Author’s recognition and helps those web pages to clearly stand out in the Search Engine Results Pages. This can increase the rank of your web page and give you an edge over your competition which can help to attract new customers:

Banner Sliders Causing SEO Issues?

I’m seeing reports on the Net from people whose Google rankings or traffic have taken a dive after the recent Page Layout Update.  This was where Google lowered the rankings for some websites that are top heavy with graphical banner ads (ie had a lot of advertising above the “fold”).  It seems that a number of people with banner sliders at the top of the pages are seeing a negative effect from this change,

Blogging for Success – 7 Key Tips

A blog is an online platform with a multitude of purposes but the most important purpose is that it communicates a certain opinion and connects the blogger with an audience of people who are interested in what they have to say.

End Of Guest Blogging?

As expected Matt Cutts, the Web-spam guru at Google, has come out and advised that guest blog posting is a dangerous way to build links going forwards and you should not do it:  This is no surprise.

Google To Start Its Own “Post Boost” Service

From SEJ:

Google looks to start offering its own “Post Boost” service, similar to Facebook’s.  Called +Post, it seems to link into the Adsense Network and has been offered to select advertisers to trial, with roll-out later.  I’m sure this will be a great way to boost posts through the Google network so I’m looking forward to trialing it.  I use the “Post Boost” service with Facebook and it is an excellent way of syndicating content, growing exposure of your content and driving visitors to your website.

Google to start putting images in the standard organic search results?

This has been spotted and may be testing of this feature by Google: .  Anyone else seen this?

Getting The Global Marketing Strategy Right

Author:  Guest author

An integrated digital marketing approach is paramount to survival in today’s online landscape. SEO has, again, become somewhat of a dirty word.

Focus has tilted towards building your reputation as a brand, rather than looking for ways to manipulate the algorithms. Especially, in the wake of several major Google algorithm updates recently (Panda and Penguin).