Need Ideas For Blog Posts? Google Search Console Will Help!

I know sometimes that it can be difficult thinking of blog posts to write. But there is a great source of blog posts ideas available for free through your Google Search Console: google-logo

If you haven’t set up Google Search Console then you definitely should:

Google Panda 4.2 Strikes….but slowly

Google Panda 4.2 Is Here; Slowly Rolling Out After Waiting Almost 10 Months

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Google tells Search Engine Land that it pushed out a Google Panda refresh this weekend.

Many of you may not have noticed because this rollout is happening incredibly slowly. In fact, Google says the update can take months to fully roll out. That means that although the Panda algorithm is still site-wide, some of your Web pages might not see a change immediately.

Impact of Google’s Mobilegeddon Update

Zineb Ait Bahajji, a Google representative, was quoted as saying that the “Mobilegeddon” update would be more impactful than Panda or Penguin. Gary Illyes, also from Google, reiterated this later. So the debate has been: Is the Mobilegeddon update as impactful as it was expected to be? Media reports suggest otherwise with some going as far as calling it a “non-event”.

FAQ: Are non-mobile friendly websites penalised by Google?

We received a question:  Apparently there has been a recent change with Google that websites need to be mobile responsive or they will lose page ranking.  Is that correct??


Google expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal

mobile friendly websiteGoogle has formally announced that they are significantly expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal and this will roll out on April 21.  What this means is that the search results for people using a mobile device to search for your products and services will be impacted, and non-mobile friendly websites won’t rank as well.  So, the levels of mobile visitors to your website will be affected.

You Need To Be Looking At These SEO Factors In 2015

2014 has once again seen many changes from Google, including:

  • New rollouts of the Google Panda algorithm which look at the quality of website content and lowers rankings for websites with ”thin” or inadequate content.

Overview of the “New” SEO

Interesting article:

In short:

Google recommends responsive web design. This is an enhanced website that is adaptive to every screen size for all major devices like laptops, desktop PCs, tablets and mobile users.

There are some very good reasons why you should consider a more responsive web design.

Google Authorship Dead

Google have announced that their much used “Authorship” has been discontinued.

In June they stopped showing author photos in the search results and now they don’t show any author information at all.  John Mueller at Google advises:

Why does the Amount of Adwords Traffic Sometimes Differ Between Adwords and Analytics Reports?

The reports shown in Google Analytics for Adwords activity comes from data which is directly imported from the Adwords system, so it stands to reason that this data should be identical to your AdWords account.

There are some factors which can alter that data, including:

Excellent Social Media/SEO Article

I found this great summary of how social media and SEO are inextricably linked:!QVQzN.

In brief the author discusses the importance of SEO and how it can gain you free and natural listings on the search engines while Social Media Marketing is the process where website traffic is attracted through social media channels.