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Blog Post Ideas: Resurface Successful Existing Blog Posts!

Ashley Bryan |

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January 17th 2017

I’m often asked whether we should re-use old blog posts. I don’t see any problem at all in resurfacing existing successful blog posts, as long as you don’t overdo it (ie don’t do all of them). Too much re-hashing of old content might turn off your regular readers who have seen it before, however a few well chosen great posts can be showcased again – especially older ones which may have fallen way down your list of blog posts and aren’t getting good exposure anymore.

Here’s how:

Check out your Google Analytics, and see which of your older existing blog posts have a volume of page views and good time on page/bounce rate metrics. Resurface the appropriate posts (ie not time sensitive or news posts which are only relevant in the past) back to the top of your blog, ideally with some more valuable content added, or the content enhanced somewhat (get and expert opinion or comment on the topic and add that to the post).

  1. Reset the date added in order to put the post back at the top of the blog list (if possible). This is better than copying the content into a new post because you want to keep the old URL, which may have been bookmarked, and has accrued Google authority.
  2. Re-post the links to these posts to social media.
  3. Extract any other useful tid-bits for use on social media eg summarise any lists, extract useful quotes, create an infographic.
  4. Pin any images to Pinterest that aren’t already there

Good to do if you’re a bit stuck for blogging ideas.

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