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January 10th 2018

I’ll add more FAQ to this page as they come in.

Q: Is an external blog good for my SEO?

A: By this I think you mean does having a blog hosted externally such as on, have value for your SEO.

When you do this, your blog will have the domain, an the same would happen if you used any other external blog provider.

Another option is to create a subdomain for your blog, so that it would have the domain But either option is not at all very beneficial from an SEO perspective.

The authority (Google authority, old PageRank) would grow in that external domain and not your primary web address.  Even links from the external blog back to the main website would have only limited SEO power: link juice decreases with each link from the same domain ie there are diminishing returns from links in the same domain.

The best option from an SEO perspective is to add the blog directly to your website so that it resides in your domain, for instance:

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