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July 18th 2017

I’ll add new FAQs related to domain names here, as they come in:

Q: Should I use hyphens in my domain name or not?

In the classic example of the domain name, you should use hyphens (I’ll leave it with you to figure out why). However in general consider this:

Google has traditionally treated hyphens in domain names as a bit spammy, Google is quite capable of separating the words in a domain name (just do a few searches to see the words bolded in domain names) and if someone wanted to guess your domain name would they guess the hyphens?

My advice: don’t use hyphens unless it’s necessary.

Q: Do I put my content in subdomains or Subfolders

A: Search engines are not yet able to perfectly relate content on different subdomains and so treat subdomains as separate domains.

The safe thing to do is to keep all your content in one root domain and use folders and subfolders.

A common example of this is your blog: should you house it under or

The answer is the former, from an SEO perspective. That way you will grow the authority of your domain.

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