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How Can You Optimize A Blog Article For SEO?

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June 12th 2017

One very important subject when it comes to B2B business is search engine optimisation. Buyers now spend a great deal of time researching products before they make a purchase so it is very important to ensure that your product ranks on page one in those search engine results.  People that are doing this kind of research are already ready to buy, and are potentially the best prospects you will ever come across.

Search engines have complex algorithms that connect users with content that is based on the intent of searchers.  If your webpage has visitors that immediately hit the back button when they land on your page this can have a negative effect on your rankings.

The search engines see this as a signal that the quality of your page content may not be that great.  Google Analytics measures the quality of your site with something called a “bounce rate”.  If visitors stay and visit more than one page then your bounce rate will be low.  This is generally achieved when your page quality is high enough to keep the interest of people.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

The first step is to write engaging content while using long tail keywords.  This is a phrase that contains a lot of words along with your keyword.  This key phrase should be used in the page title.  Your meta description should also include your key phrase and should be written for people to read (not spiders).

All of your content needs to contain the key phrase multiple times, but never over use it or it will be seen as “stuffing”.  Stuffing makes content look awkward and overdone because the key phrase is used obviously too many times.  Remember to include your key phrase in your H1 header tag in a content title contained in your article.  If it makes sense, use your key phrase in more header tags in your article or content.


Images are an important part of your content because they automatically make your content more interesting.  Choose images carefully and make certain that they are extremely relevant to your content.  Always take the time to name your image file with your long tailed key phrase and make sure that you add hyphens in between each word of the phrase.  Your images should include alt tags with more detail too.  Images can be picked up in the search engines based on their long tailed key phrase.

Posting Content on Your Blog

Content that is posted on your blog should have appropriate categories assigned to it.  Those categories help with search engine rank because it helps your content to be indexed in searches for each individual post.  Each post that has a specific category creates an added attraction for new visitors.


When you add content, don’t be afraid to add links from your article to high-quality content away from your own site.  This shows the search engines that you are more interested in providing a highly educational experience to your reader.  Internal links inside your content helps to point to other pages within your website which helps to build the authority of those pages.

Share your blog articles on social media so that people will see it, read it and share it.  Try sharing on LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter and Google+.  Search for inbound links from authority websites.  Many website owners want to link to high quality content so you make it easy for them by providing that content for them to share.

When you are looking for something to write about try searching for trending topics by using your key phrases to see what comes up.  This will help you to write content that is something people in your target audience want to read.

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