Why Are My Competitors Ranking Above Me Report


It  can be frustrating to see your competitors constantly rank above you on Google for valuable search terms, but not understand why. The reasons can be identified and we'll look at the factors that affect rankings and will identify what they are doing that you are not, and where you need to address your efforts to gain ground and surpass them.

Recommendation report provided.

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This is a spot check report.Sample Report: Why Are My Competitors ranking Above Me?  [300kB]
  • Assessment of KPI for Google rankings for your primary search term
  • Your KPI compared to your primary competitor who ranks above you
  • Identify what they are doing or have that is giving them the edge
  • Provide a  report and general recommendations to improve your rankings

2 day turnaround.

Why do your competitors rank above you?

This is a common question and quite rightly: business is competitive by nature.  Google ranks websites (ranks them in the Search Result Pages or SERPs) based on many factors.  These factors combine to give your website value overall and for each page individually as well, and the same applies for your competitors’ websites. In essence, the higher value page or website wins and gets higher in the results for target phrases.

While there is a lot to it, there are key areas where we can look and see how well we are doing on Google, compared with our competitors, and from there we can make decisions about what we need to do to improve our rankings.

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