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Content Stream: Monthly Content Flow Onto Your Website For SEO

$499.00 / month

This is a monthly flow of quality content onto your website and distributed/syndicated out to grow your website’s authority, rankings and Organic traffic.  Specifically each month we will:

  • Write one premium quality SEO’d post for your blog, of 1000 words, with a stock image.
  • Create a quality infographic based on the post’s content.
  • Write 3 – 5 social media posts based on the post’s content
  • Submit to you for approval
  • Upon approval load the post with images to your blog, correctly categorised with internal link(s)
  • Distribute to your social media channels and through our own syndication channels, with links back to your website.

This is a great way to grow your website’s authority, establish yourself online as an expert in your field, and improve your rankings and organic traffic.

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$400 per month, select how many lots of content stream your require below.

Content Stream is designed as a “hands-free” monthly SEO programme, designed for people who need SEO but perhaps are too busy to undertake a full programme.  It’s based around feeding quality content to your blog, then out to your own syndication channel.  It builds your keyword pool on your website, grows trust-building social signals and builds links into your website in a way that is very natural.Here’s how it works.  We set up for you a number of properties on different websites that are branded for your business.  This will be your syndication network. Then:
  • Each month we identify a valuable target search term (key-phrase) and related phrases
  • We write one high quality post for your blog and optimise it for those phrases. It’ll be about 1000 words long.
  • We add to this post a quality stock image, a small infographic and a short text-based teaser video which introduces the post.
  • This post is approved by you then distributed out to your own syndication channel, social media platforms and through our syndication channels.
Of course, we’ll track the rankings for those keywords and we'll report that each month.We will also give you other useful tips and advice related to your website  and SEO each month, as things come to light.The cost for this service is $499.There is no contract, you can stop anytime.  This is a great opportunity start a slow burn SEO effort that is safe and effective over time.  That valuable content will also be great for your visitors and will help grow your online reputation as an expert in your field.  

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