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Rank Better in 2019 with these SEO Statistics

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March 26th 2019

Most businesses depend on the traffic from Google to drive new visitors and ultimately customers, to their business. However, with the constant evolution of SEO, maintaining success can be difficult.  Algorithms change and this leads to a shift in the effectiveness of almost all SEO approaches. 

So, as a business owner, you must stay updated with the current SEO trends to ensure that your brand stays relevant and Google doesn’t sanction you for going against rules. To help you understand the basic principles of SEO, the good guys at SEO Tribunal have gathered the most relevant SEO statistics. 

Let’s take a look.

2019 Top SEO Statistics

1.    61% of companies prioritised SEO growth over any other goal in 2019

These companies were more interested in generating website traffic because it is the most difficult aspect of their marketing strategy. 

2.    The SEO industry is worth about $80 billion

From $65.26 billion in 2016 to $72.02 billion in 2018, the industry worth is projected at $79.27 billion for 2020.  Most of this investment is undertaken by startups and small local businesses, with the bigger boys contributing just 1/3 of the total worth.

3.    SEO has a conversion rate of 14.6%

The conversion rate of SEO remains unbeatable, with the traditional outbound methods coming closest at only 1.7%.  If you have adopted the right strategy, you can rest assured of excellent conversion rates with SEO.

4.    Only 25% of SEO is on-page, the other 75% is off-page

SEO is not entirely about your website content.  Your off-page practices like backlinks, social media, directories, and social signals play a huge part.

5.    93% of the entire website traffic comes from Search Engines

Here is another reason you should up your SEO game this year.  You will have more visitors on your website via the search engines than other methods.  So, do all you can to stay up on those search results.

6.    Half of all search engine queries will be voice and image-based by 2020

Come 2020; it will become crucial to select the right keywords and search terms for your SEO campaign, considering the integration of voice and image searches.  All images on your website would be required to have correct and corresponding keywords and alt tags, to improve your chances of ranking high.

7.     Half of all search queries are more than three words

This means that most queries come in the form of a statement or question, rather than individual keywords.  Now you understand how important long-tail keywords are and why you should have them in your SEO strategy.

8.    You will drive more conversions with video content than plain text

Video content has 50x more potential to get a positive response compared to just words. This is because videos capture attention faster and help people in making a quick decision.  No one wants to spend forever reading long texts anymore.

9.     You can get over 100% more organic traffic when you republish old blog posts with new content and images

This is because the old blog posts already had SEO influence, and this is enhanced when you upgrade them.  The images, as visual content, also attracts more people.

10.     70% of the links clicked on from the search results are organic

This means that you may not get the desired results by focusing only on paid ads.  Yes, this will get you a place in the results, but for best results, you should strive to enhance your SEO practices to get better organic results.

We are confident that these statistics when applied, will ultimately help your brand to rank high on search engine result pages. 

Good luck.

Infographic By: SEO Tribunal

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