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SEO Sunshine Coast: Advice, Help & Training


Are you a Sunshine Coast business owner or manager, looking for help with SEO?

Is this you:

  • I need assistance with my SEO. I know I need to be doing it but don’t understand what’s involved.
  • I don’t have the budget for monthly packages.
  • If I could understand it more, I’d do it myself.
  • My boss wants me to do it but I don’t know what to do.
  • I don’t want to be stuck in monthly SEO contracts
  • My competitors are beating me on Google, what do I do?

If this sounds like you, then I’d be happy to help you. Let’s talk, and we’ll plan out a way that you can get the help you need with SEO that suits your resources (eg your time) and your budget.

Contact me now:SEO Sunshine Coast
Mob: 0401827976

I can tell you what to do (ie be your SEO advisor) or come to your business and provide SEO training for you or your staff. Or a combination. We can work out what you can do yourself and what you need help with.

I have 17 year’s experience and am happy to help you to be more successful on Google.


Free SEO Help by email:

Subscribe below and get email advice for FREE.  These will be short emails with one or two tips that you can action yourself.  They’ll be irregular and will be sent as needs arise and often depending on what Google does.  It’ll be useful stuff I promise.


You can stop them at any time of course.


Fill out the form on the top right if you want me to call you.  And I’m happy to help you out for free for half an hour on the phone.


There are a number of options for how I can assist you with your SEO.  They can be undertaken separately or we can combine them in a way that works best for your business, resources and budget:


SEO Advice

I can advise you on what SEO activities you need to undertake to make your website more successful on Google over time.  This advice could be provided one off, or ongoing, as:

  1. written strategy reports (short term or long term)
  2. continuous action points fed through on an ongoing basis by email
  3. regular meetings

I can tailor a solution to suit.  Supporting this work would be detailed tracking of goals and website activity and full reporting.


SEO Training

I can provide SEO training to businesses in person (Sunshine Coast) or via Skype (further afield).  My training solutions are custom made to meet your needs and as we talk, we’ll actually work on your website.

How long we need to spend and how regular depends on your needs, but one-off training is fine.


Full Service SEO

I can determine what needs to be done and then do it for you, from onsite work to link building, social media and conversions.  All work is tracked and reported fully.

Contact me now:
Mob: 0401827976


My local SEO Consultancy services are designed to help you build your success on Google.
Top rankings depend on a number of factors related to your website authority:

  • Identification of search terms that your target market actually uses
  • Optimisation of those phrases into your website (onsite optimisation)
  • Growth of your website with quality, unique content
  • Identification and minimisation of any technical factors which may be holding your website back
  • The growth of social signals (shares on social media)
  • Natural sharing of your website content which builds links

This will increase the flow of visitors to and through your website in the following process:

SEO Process Sunshine Coast

My SEO consultancy services are designed to optimise this process. An appropriate combination of SEO activities will be developed and implemented, driving up rankings and Organic traffic.  This traffic will be tracked and monitored to ensure 1) positive activity signals are sent to Google and 2) the traffic converts, driving up sales and ROI.

Ask how I can help you with SEO > 


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