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SEO Services To Suit Your Exact Needs

Making your website more successful (ie generating more visitors and business) is a complex process. A cornerstone of online success is the need to be successful in the Google Search Result Pages (SERPs) through the process of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It’s very competitive and requires knowledge, time and money, let’s not make any bones about that.  With SEO many factors come into play: your website’s content, technical aspects, social media, visitor activity, competitor activity and more.  And all of this activity has to be tracked, monitored and understood, and then plans made and actioned.  And all of this in the world of constant changes and updates by Google.  As I say it’s a complex process.

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I understand all of the factors that contribute to effective SEO.  Importantly, I understand how these factors work together to complement one another and drive up the success of your website, measurably, over time.  I’ve learnt this over 17 years of doing SEO and website optimisation for hundreds of clients, big and small, in many industries.

My monthly SEO Consulting Services

What I do with my SEO Consulting is:

  • Understand what your budgets are for this work, what resources you have for it and then help you to undertake the work yourself, providing guidance and training along the way to you or your staff.
  • Understand what is happening with your SEO and what needs to be done in the short term and longer term, and in relation to what your competitors are doing.
  • Track all of the work so that we know what works and what doesn’t and use this knowledge to guide activities.
  • Supporting and communicating with you effectively so that you see success and find value in the work we do together.

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  • "Hi Ashley, Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help with our website. Since employing the services of Webstrategies to oversee and advise us on the development and implementation of our new website we have already seen an increase in traffic. Our web developer also commented on how easy it was to work with you. I look forward to implementing stage 2 of our programme in the near future."

    - Colin Samson

    Corporate Cabs Ltd
  • "Ashley from Website Strategies did an awesome job in bringing my website up the Google ladder. I had no idea that Google was so complicated in the way it did its searches, but Ashley made it all so clear and simple even to someone like myself with very little computer experience. Thank you!"

    - Mark Langford

    Queensland Motorcycle School
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