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SEO Snapshot Audit

Ashley Bryan |

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October 4th 2018

Get a snapshot of the current status of your SEO.  We’ll look at, and comment on the aspects of your website and online presence that are influencing your rankings and success on Google.

Includes inspection of:

    • Domain authority
    • Current indexation:
        • Universal results
        • Knowledge Panel
        • Image results
        • Video results
        • Shopping Results
      • Local Results
    • Current rankings:
        • Web
        • Your country
      • Mobile
    • Status of your on-site optimisation
    • Inbound Links compared with competitors
    • Content freshness
    • Mobile friendliness
    • Social signals compared with competitors
    • Visitor behaviour metrics (need access to your Google Analytics)
  • Technical aspects including:
      • load times
      • SSL
      • AMP
      • Microdata
    • Other issues

Price:  $200.00

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