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Things To Look At When Buying A Website Business

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July 7th 2017

Buying an existing website to run as a business?  Before you buy an existing website business you should check the following:

The basics:

  • How old is the website/domain name?  The older and more established the better.  A new website means you’re starting from scratch with your SEO.
  • Is the website mobile friendly?  If not, you can kiss a good proportion of your traffic from search engines away.
  • If it is not – can the website be made Google–friendly (responsive)?
  • Does the website currently rank on Google for relevant search terms (eg the primary product or service)?  Just do a search and have a look.
  • How does the website appear in the search results for your brand / business name ?
  • Does the website load within 3 seconds?  This is a factor for search engines now.
  • Are there social media channels associated with the website or business? Have they been updated regularly?
  • What has the social interest been like for the business?  Do a search for the products or brand on the various social media channels.
  • Is the website technically sound, can it be expanded or modified as and when required?  Get a web developer to check for you.

A bit more technical:

  • Make sure the website is not under a Google penalty.  Get the logins to the website’s Google Analytics and go here: .  If the vertical lines correspond to drops in Organic traffic, then seek further advice.
  • Are the links into the website high quality?  If not, the website could be the subject of a future penalty.  Try the free trial version of and review the links to see if they seem relevant and of what quality.  If not sure, seek further advice.
    Assessing the actual financial viability of the website or business is of course something you need to assess as well.  If in doubt seek help.

Buying a web business is no small matter and there are a myriad of things which can impact the future viability of the website.  Hope this helps.

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