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Things To Regularly Check In Your Google Search Console

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January 31st 2018

Formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to view your website from Google’s perspective. This helps you make incremental improvements to your site by giving you an understanding of how the search engine interprets your website’s pages for better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The top ten crucial aspects you should pay attention to in your Google Search Console are:

  1. Search analytics. This section gives you a detailed view of how the pages on your website perform in search results. It shows you the pages that are ranked highest, click-through rates and the keywords for popular pages on your website. It also helps you identify the type of content or content subjects that rank highest so that you can tailor future work to resemble pages that are performing well.
  2. HTML improvements. Any pages on your website that require metadata improvements are listed here. This includes information on meta titles and meta descriptions, and whether or not pages can be indexed.
  3. Links to your site. Here you’ll find an overview of links to your website. It shows the total number of links, linked pages, and the context of the links.
  4. Manual actions. This is where you will find Google penalties that are in effect – if any. Some reasons why Google could penalise you include: sneaky redirects or cloaking, hacked pages, unnatural links and thin content.
  5. Mobile usability. After April 2015, optimisation for smaller screen sizes became one of Google’s ranking signals. This section shows you how much your site is optimised for smaller screens so that you can make improvements.
  6. Index status. This section shows you the number of pages on your site included in Google’s index. You can also remove unwanted URLs from here if you find any.
  7. Crawl errors. From here you can see the errors encountered by Googlebot when it’s crawling through your website. Google takes errors as a sign of low quality and poor maintenance.
  8. Robots.txt tester. Errors and/warnings about your websites robots.txt file are found here. This information is important as it could be the reason some of your pages are not being indexed.
  9. Google uses your XML sitemap to index your website. Check this regularly to ensure that it is up to date. The section will also show sitemap errors and the pages on your sitemap that have not been indexed.
  10. Security issues. All potential security threats identified by Google are listed here. You will find information about the problem and how you can fix it.

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